The Environmental News Network (ENN) Relaunches a Re-Designed Website, Drawing Content from a New Editorial Affiliate Program

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The Environmental News Network, a 15 year old environmental news site, known for its influential readership among top executives, educators and government employees, has launched an Editorial Affiliate Program to provide more comprehensive media coverage of major environmental issues.

"There are many rich, excellent environmental news and information sites that are not as well known to our readers as they should be. As the environmental field grows, our readers want more richness in content, not only in text but in video, audio, and images. There is no point in all of us duplicating effort; sharing is much better for all." Said Lincoln Norton, CEO of ENN, Inc., "There is strength in numbers."

As well as pulling headlines from major wire services like AP and Reuters, will now run stories from a diverse and qualified group of content partners such as E-Magazine, Green Energy News, Global Policy Innovations, Environmental Health News, and many others including top universities and non-profits.

With more content being funneled into 10 new topic areas, ENN intends to use this new diversity of its affiliates content to create more in-depth features such as weekly spotlights, expert commentary, and rich media as it becomes available. ENN’s Editorial Affiliates will be profiled on the website’s Partners area and will be showcased monthly as Partner of the Week, which will draw attention to new content partners as they come to ENN.

"The environmental field is so rich and diverse and the expertise is so specific that our Affiliate Network can actually do a better job on reporting breaking stories than the big networks that must stick to big, broad stories of national interest. With the diversity of our network members we can dig deeper and find stories that are below big wire service radar", said Paul Schaefer, VP of Media at ENN.

"ENN strives is to save its readers time and money by gathering breaking environmental news and information and delivering it to those that need it most to do their jobs better." -Lincoln Norton

Via: (The Environmental News Network)

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