Track social impact of philanthropy with Versaic’s Impact Reporting tool

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VersaicWhile it may be the right thing to do, both for your community and for your company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, giving to deserving organizations or programs might not have the social impact that’s intended.

Tracking the effects of philanthropic investments can provide key data to inform not only future giving campaigns, but to also quantify the reach and impact of those programs for CSR reporting.

Versaic’s new Impact Reporting module allows companies to better align their philanthropy programs with their overall business objectives, to further engage with their stakeholders, to gain insights into the social impact of their philanthropic investments, and to make better decisions about who, how, and when to make donations, grants, or in-kind contributions.

And perhaps most importantly for many businesses, having the data to back up their claims about the social impact of their philanthropy initiatives can enhance their brand’s image.

“The grants management lifecycle includes many moving parts and endless opportunity for things to fall through the cracks. What grant managers need is an effective solution that makes it simple to collect the right information, route requests through the organization for approval and payment, and report on the program results as needed. You should have every bell and whistle you want without anything excess to get in the way.

Built on Versaic’s patent-pending technology, our solution is endlessly customizable so you get exactly the mix of features, functions and tools you need to manage your grants process. If your requirements or process changes, our clients service team keeps your system up to date and working exactly the way you need it to work. No fuss, no fire drill. It’s that easy.” – Versaic

In addition to the standard, yet somewhat bland, reporting of dollars and cents and dry details, Versaic’s tool also helps companies to collect photos and stories about the effects of their philanthropy programs in order to better communicate the ways in which they’re making a difference in their communities.

“Our clients know their contributions make a difference but until now, it was hard to quantify the ultimate impact of a grant or donation. Our system makes it effortless for our clients to collect information at just the right time to better understand their programs’ impact. Impact Reporting facilitates the ‘aha moment’, helping clients get beyond the raw numbers and understand their true philanthropic footprint.” – Burt Cummings, CEO of Versaic

Find out more about what the Impact Reporting module can do for your company, or schedule a demo of the system, at Versaic Grants.

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