Gain an Unreasonable Advantage in Social Entrepreneurship

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Unreasonable Institute Impact
If you’re developing a solution to one of the world’s most pressing social or environmental problems, but are in need of a leg up, you might be able to gain an unreasonable advantage by connecting with mentors, peers, and investors at the Unreasonable Institute.

Unreasonable advantage, you say? Isn’t that a bit, well, unreasonable?

Not if you’re a world-changer and social entrepreneur, because the world needs all of the big thinkers and innovative solutions it can muster, and an accelerator that can offer the necessary networking opportunities and mentoring to you in a world that only seems to value the bottom line could certainly be considered unreasonable.

Why We Exist: To create a world in which no one is limited by their circumstances.

Our Mission: Give a long-term unreasonable advantage to entrepreneurs and their ventures tackling the world’s greatest challenges.

How We Try to Achieve This: We work hard to get world-changing ventures and entrepreneurs the resources they need to scale their social and environmental impact.

Our Values:

  • Treat others like the Messiah (Humility)
  • Be militantly transparent (Truthfulness)
  • Lean into fear (Courage)
  • Be agile (Experiment)
  • Do what works (Impact)
  • Get shit done (Execute)
  • Remember to Dance (Celebrate)

Right now, the Unreasonable Institute is accepting applications for their 2014 program, which runs for 5 weeks during the summer, not only at their flagship location in Boulder, Colorado, but also at two new locations, in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Kampala, Uganda. Find out if you are eligible by taking this short quiz, and put in your application here. Applications are due by November 7th (December 22 for Unreasonable Mexico).

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