VolunteerMatch ‘Best .Org Web Site’ at 2008 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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1206389971_1194036685_vol_match_log Voters at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference have chosen VolunteerMatch.org, the Web service dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer, as "Best.org Web Site" in its annual People’s Choice Awards.

Hosted by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), the Nonprofit Technology Conference is one of the largest venues where mission-driven charities can learn about technologies to advance their mission. This year, representatives from thousands of organizations attended the conference in New Orleans, La.

Launched in 1998, VolunteerMatch.org was the original Web destination for volunteer recruitment. Since that time, the San Francisco, Ca.-based service has facilitated over 3.4 million volunteer referrals, and today has over 56,000 nonprofits and 1.6 million volunteers in its network, including a growing number of older adult, teen, and "virtual" volunteers.

"Hundreds of nonprofits go out of business each day – but it’s not because the social needs are vanishing," said Robert J. Rosenthal, director of communications at VolunteerMatch. "Our Web site is an effective resource for increasing the ability of nonprofits to succeed, and any award that helps raise awareness of this can only help."

The award comes on the heels of TIME magazine’s inclusion of VolunteerMatch.org in its year-end "Top 10 Web Sites for 2007" list.

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