Water Investing: There’s an App for That

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Water Investing AppFor the responsible investor who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of water issues and the market trends shaping water sustainability, a new app could provide the leverage that makes all the difference.

The Water Investing app, from Calvert Investments, aims to give investors and stakeholders a leg up on understanding the issues and solutions that affect one of, if not the most, important resources on the planet: freshwater.

“Water is the sustainability issue that transcends social values. It’s in the press every day and affects everyone. Yet investors are only beginning to recognize the linkages between water sustainability, economic value, and the investment opportunity in companies creating innovative water product and service solutions.

The Calvert Water Investing App is one part of our strategy to inform, engage, and activate relationships between investors and their financial advisors in the water theme. For us, success is about not only helping clients recognize investment opportunities but also enabling clients to be part of the solution to key sustainability challenges.” – Matt Alsted, Calvert Vice President of Marketing

The app focuses on a variety of different facets in the water ecosystem, including the coverage of current water news and analysis on water sustainability issues, tweets from Calvert’s water experts via Twitter, and insights into water investment opportunities. In addition to the helpful aspects of the app, it also features a fun side, with the ability for users to get wet by “submerging” their photos in water.

The Water Investing app is free for both iOS and Android platforms.

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