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Kelli Peterson is a brand and communications strategist with 20 years of professional experience in the corporate and non-profit world. Kelli is the founder of The Change Project, a collaborative consultancy focused on creating value and positive social impact through the power of brand. Kelli is a sometimes blogger, an avid world traveler and passionate about creating change.

iPhone as Fundraiser

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?

Shazam figures out what song you’re listening to. A pocket flashlight (not to mention a light saber) is only two taps away. And Yelp can get the phone number, directions and even a review of the place you’re trying to find and meet your friends at in a quarter of the time directory assistance, Safari, Google or any mapping software can do it.

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Electric Innovation

Changing consumer behavior can be a slow painful process. Not only does it require educational efforts but often widespread systemic conformity is required. However innovation has radically altered some of our most fundamental behaviors. Globally, we now access cash from a machine and we carry and use mobile phones for a significant percentage of our calling. Its this type of basic change that will be required to have significant impact on socially and environmentally responsible consumption habits.

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Educating consumers on carbon consumption

environmental performance by MGoodThe eco-market is in its infancy in terms of developing smart strategies that will drive environmentally friendly behaviors. Establishing “green” mindsets is only the first step to get consumers thinking about their overall impact on the planet and to date this has been handled mostly through marketing efforts. “Green” labels help consumers attach eco-relevancy but then we need to evolve beyond “green” to educate consumers on simply making smart choices. We need to develop systems using standards that help them evaluate and make their own educated choices.

The regulated carbon cap and trade system is providing a basis for just such mechanisms.

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