CSR Minute: The Natural Step Publishes Case Study on Max Hamburger Chain’s Sustainability and Profits

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The Natural Step, a global nonprofit that consults on sustainability practices, has published a case study on Max, Sweden’s oldest and most popular hamburger chain. In 2007, the two organizations began a program for Max to be the first restaurant chain in the world that analyzed its food’s climate impact, from farm to table. Since then, Max has carbon-labeled its menus, implemented an energy efficiency program in its buildings, fully transferred over to wind-power energy, and made voluntary carbon offsets throughout its supply chain. The Natural Step case study documents a 27 percent increase for Max due to these sustainability efforts.

India plans to account for the economic value of its natural assets, following guidelines in The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Report, TEEB. The TEEB Report was presented last week by the head of the Green Economy Initiative of the UN Environment Programme at the 10th annual Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Nagoya. The TEEB study documents the multi-trillion dollar importance of the natural world to the global economy, and proposes systems and methods for countries to capture the economic value of nature’s resources and services.

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