Earth Conscious Insurance – It Can Save You Money to Go Green

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Green business practices are not limited to factories and buildings anymore.  According to Yahoo Finance, some insurance companies are offering clients who drive green cars or live in green homes a break on their premiums.  Still others are offering to rebuild a green home that is lost due to fire or other catastrophes “greener” than it was before.

Novato based Fireman’s Fund is now offering a 5% discount on homeowner’s policies for those who live in LEED certified homes.   Fireman’s also offers a Green Upgrade, which allows a homeowner the option to rebuild it greener with a slight premium adder. 

Farmer’s Insurance offers up to a 10% discount for drivers of hybrid vehicles currently, and is planning to offer a new Green homeowner’s policy in 28 states by this summer.   

Very soon, it will pay to go green! 


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