Element Media’s Print Publications Go Carbon Neutral

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koa-tree11Element Media, publishers of a variety of magazines focused on the Honolulu market, this week announced a partnership with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods to plant native koa trees on the Big Island of Hawaii in order to offset the carbon emissions and paper use from their periodical Pacific Edge. The move bucks a trend, as many publishers are shuttering operations as the media landscape transitions to the digital era. It also cements Pacific Edge as the first magazine in the US to offset its carbon emissions and paper use.

Pacific Edge is Element Media’s flagship product, a monthly magazine that covers business and innovation in Hawaii. According to the press release:

Through the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, HLH is partnering with other like-minded organizations, including Pacific Edge Magazine, to restore 1,000 acres of historic koa forest on the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island. Koa is one of the most valuable hardwoods on the planet and HLH is donating 1,000 acres of its sustainable koa project to help this reforestation effort.  According to the World Resource Institute, the current rate of rainforest destruction (50 million acres per year) will produce a global shortage by 2023. In Hawaii, agriculture and clear-cut lumber practices of the past century have eliminated over 90 percent of the koa forests already.  

“Growing up surrounded by Hawaii’s beauty, I’m acutely aware of the need to protect and preserve our environment,” says Naomi Hazelton-Giambrone, co-founder of Element Media, Inc. and co-publisher of Pacific Edge Magazine.  “With this in mind, Pacific Edge Magazine is very cognizant of our environmental impact and we seek to minimize our carbon footprint.  So, by partnering with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, we are brining attention to a cause that we care about deeply.”

Element Media also recently announced that they’ve partnered with the former publisher of Hawaii’s Green Magazine, and are going to resurrect the quarterly sustainability focused magazine serving Oahu with all things green on the island.

For more information, visit Pacific Edge’s website at http://www.thepacificedge.com

About Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods:

HLH is located 34 miles north of Hilo, above historic Umikoa Village on the slopes of Mauna Kea. This planting site was once a magnificent koa forest and the personal property of King Kamehameha the Great, the first king of Hawaii. This old growth koa forest was almost lost to a century of clear-cut harvesting and cattle grazing, but with the help of caring individuals is making a comeback.  http://www.legacytrees.org  http://www.hawaiianlegacyhardwoods.com

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