Greening Print Marketing: Green Printing Resources From What They Think

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If you’re into green print marketing, one resource you owe yourself to check out is What They Think, a commercial printing industry portal that has a repository of educational resources for marketers. Here is a brief survey of the types of information marketers will find there:

Going Green” section: Collection of articles, event announcements, white papers, environment videos and news, and more. This is a very large, comprehensive collection of resources that cover a full range of green printing issues, from technology to business.

Webinars: “Sustainability is the New Green” (06/25/2008), “It’s Good to Be Green” (04/30/2008, and “Certifications as Part of a Sustainability Business Strategy” 04/22/2008. This section requires a paid membership, but is worth the cost.

Reports and Studies from the WTT Store: Among them, “Printing Goes Green,” “How to Get Your Environmenta Certifications,” and the entire four-part Marketer’s Primer Series, which includes sections on how digital, Web-to-print, and 1:1 (personalized) printing strategies will “green” your print marketing programs.

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