Disrupt the Financial Industry by Backing “The Future of Money”

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The Future of MoneyIn our rapidly changing climate of business, finance, and money, an upcoming documentary series looks to explore the positive forces in the evolution of money, in order to help all of us take advantage of those changes.

“The future of money, according to many pundits, is bleak. More often than not, news outlets report that the economy will crash and that our monetary system will become obsolete. Talk about doom and gloom! Those stories evoke feelings of fear and anxiety. People are afraid of the unknown; worried about scarcity, and anxious about the future — hence, creating economic stagnation and a resistance to change and innovations that can make the world a better place with better distribution of wealth.

The knowledge of financial evolution is critical for the world to prepare for and take advantage of future changes.” – Future of Money

Heather Schlegel, noted futurist and social scientist, is working on an entertaining an informative six-part docu-series exploring the evolution of money across six different aspects: Banking, Bartering, Payment Transactions, Credit Lending, Money Making, and the International Monetary System.

“The show travels the world interviewing experts on financial innovations about the future of money. Together, we time travel with our audience — through futuristic reenactments of plausible scenarios based on facts and theories supported by top intelligence and academic research. Viewers get a vital glimpse into the future: how we will pay for things, how we will make money, how we will preserve our wealth, and the effects on our security and privacy.” – Future of Money

An international film distributor has agreed to distribute the series, but in order to get the series off the ground, Schlegel needs to produce the interviews with experts in those areas first, and she needs some help.

And there’s probably no better way to jumpstart a series on the future of money than to use one of the up-and-coming funding mechanisms: crowdfunding.

Schlegel is aiming to raise $35,000 through the project’s Kickstarter campaign by November 1st, and it’s already over halfway there, but in order to successfully complete the project, an additional $16,000 needs to be pledged over the next ten days. If you’d like to see this project succeed, please consider kicking in a few bucks.

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