Inspire a Million Trees to Grow

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Gpd_leaf_green2_2_1 Greenprint Denver is looking for just the right name to inspire Metro Denver to plant a million trees over the next two decades! Mayor Hickenlooper’s vision is to enhance the tree canopy over our communities as part of the Greenprint Denver sustainability plan.

What do you think they should call this initiative?

Send the folks at Greenprint Denver your suggestions this week – a catchphrase that will capture the imagination of the public and motivate people to plant trees in the metro area for future generations.

The tree-planting initiative will involve homeowners, schools, the business community, government municipalities, non-profits and community groups in the metro area. Our children and grandchildren will reap the many environmental and quality-of-life benefits that come with the one million trees planted over the next 20 years. 

Send ideas by Friday, December 22nd to [email protected]

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