Material Mix Offers Sustainable Materials Management Solution

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Material Mix Offers Sustainable Materials Management SolutionLearning to cut the amount of waste in our manufacturing and production cycles can have a huge impact on the sustainability of both individual businesses and our limited common resources, and implementing a sustainable materials management solution is one viable method of not only reducing costs, but also using resources more wisely.

According to Material Mix, about 176 million tons of waste are created each year by manufacturers, just in the US. Around a third of this waste material is reusable, and can be worth up to twice what it costs to dispose of it, so it can make good business sense to find another use for it, even if it’s another business.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

And that’s where their sustainable materials management solution comes in:

“The Material Mix software features a disruptive technology that commoditizes the trade of reusable materials within the current waste collection industry. At Material Mix, we are creating a place where businesses can tailor a materials management solution that meets their unique needs. We are dedicated to helping bridge the gap between businesses with excess, undervalued reusable byproducts; and those who seek materials for use as an input in their own production process.”

Material Mix is an online tool that commoditizes the trade of industrial recyclables, and by taking advantage of it, businesses can not only do good for the environment, but also for their bottom line.

Businesses can list or look for recyclable scrap, industrial commodities, or overstock, for manufacturing, biomass projects, or waste-to-energy initiatives, and the materials listed there range from plastic or paper to electronics, construction materials, minerals, biomass, or metals.

Find out more at Material Mix.

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