Simple Steps Businesses Can Take Today for a Greener Future

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Although most larger businesses are at least making an effort to greenwash their enterprises, small and medium size businesses are a bit slower to adopt this trend.  Largely, this is because they view it as a big project, and just don’t yet understand that simple items can help green their operations in many ways.  Greening a small or medium business can also add another element to marketing branding that has been proven to be highly successful!

Here are some ideas for moving green without any major studies or projects:

1) Switch to eFax and stop using your paper fax.  This way, you have the faxed page readily accessible in your computer and are no longer wasting paper.

2) Put all desktop PCs and printers on power strips, and turn them off at night. This saves both power and money.

3) Use Webex or Go-to-Meeting for initial sales meetings to save travel costs and the carbon footprint associated with air travel.

4) Email PDF’s of brochures instead of printing and distributing them.  If you must print, use recyclable materials.

5) Switch lights to CFLs or CCFLs instead of incandescents.

6) Use cloud computing to store your data instead of on-site servers or large hard drives.

7) Buy materials and supplies locally whenever possible. (Click here for more details)

8) Keep A/C and heat turned down to as low a level as possible to still keep a comfortable workplace.

9) Move to a virtual PBX VoIP phone system such as that offered by Ring Carrier.  This means you no longer have a power burning PBX on your site, and you can also save 60% on your phone bills.

10) If at all possible, allow your employees to telecommute at least one day per week.  If this is not possible, find ways to incentivize them to take public transportation or ride their bicycles to work.

Any more ideas?


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